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Welcome to the Headache Pain Relief Directory

Migraine craniofacial severe pain This headache pain treatment resource directory contains practice listings of physicians and other craniofacial treatment professionals in your community for the treatment of significant or severe craniofacial pain.

Location and contact information is provided for treatment of Headaches, migraines, TMJ syndromes neuromuscular pain and other types of cranial pain.

This directory is currently under development. If you are unable to find a resource in your community, click on the "Add a Provider" icon to submit a request for the city that is not listed. We will locate a treating professional near you.

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More information about Headache Pain, Migraines and other Craniofacial pain disorders can be found at

We also provide the facility for visitors to suggest resources including links on the internet or other types of resources that may benefit others. Just click on the "Add a Provider" icon. Click here to get started.

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